Odoo ERP Consulting


AlTanmya Technology Solutions is your reliable partner when it comes to implementing Odoo ERP solutions. As an Odoo Ready partner, we take full advantage of our expertise and market knowledge to provide you with tailor-made and customized solutions for your individual business software.

Our highly specialized team of experts is able to look back on many years of AlTanmya Technology Solutions quality and years of consolidated business experience. During this time, we have realized many successful implementations in customer projects. 

Together with you, we define your process requirements, analyze your status quo and develop the concept that is most suited to your needs. For this is one of our strengths: the ability to observe carefully, listen closely and ask the right questions, in order to provide you with exactly those modules you require for your success. No more and no less. At the same time, we feel as much at home in small and medium-sized businesses as in larger companies and look forward to the very special challenges varying company sizes offer.


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Our Consulting Service When it comes to implementing ERP, is comprised of the following, generally necessary components:

  •        Assessment of requirements

  •        Process analysis

  •        Bills and receipts analysis

  •        Documentation

  •        Validation of processes and interfaces

  •        Process consultation

  •        Implementation plan

  •        Implementation support

  •        Training

  •        Support of the daily Odoo routines

Our Procedure

Looking at it abstractly, our procedure always follows the same steps, whether it is a new implementation or an upgrade.

The procedure always starts with an onsite data review, followed by a detailed analysis of individual parameters, the visualization and finally the illustration of existing interrelations. Each step requires meticulous documentation. This phase is concluded by a feasibility study or proof of concept.

In summary, the first phase is something of an analysis workshop. It is followed by a project assessment, which in turn leads to a cost estimation. Once the implementation plan has been approved the project will be initiated.

Odoo Customization and Development

As our customer you have specific requirements – as AlTanmya Technology Solutions we have Odoo. This combination will lead to a perfect ERP solution for your business.

Our customers often have their own set of ideas when it comes to schedules, resulting in extreme timelines before we have even started. We do know, however, that a structured approach is an absolute must when implementing ERP – and Odoo is no exception. The objective, after all, is an almost seamless integration. To achieve this, we will take the time we need.

  AlTanmya Asset Tracking Application

  This application developed using Odoo framework so it’s integrated with Odoo Apps like financials, inventory, Equipment and Purchasing.

Using this application, you can:

Track your assets to know where and when you did and action on it

You can reallocate asset from location to location

Track the employee’s custody

Depreciate asset on multibit cost centers with percentages

Re-classification of the asset like migrating it from leased to owned

Change asset details like depreciation type, cost and serial number

Track asset by serial number and item code

List all asset register and viewing it on maps


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